Nitrokey 3C NFC with Android

I have a “Nitrokey 3C NFC” device and was able to update it with firmware version 1.6.0
Now I want to use this device with Android smartphone and “OpenKeychain” software and as login key with browser over NFC.

The issue is, my smartphone won’t recognize Nitrokey 3C as NFC. The location on smartphone is 100% ok and position from Nitrokey is fine.

Is there an issue in general on this device?

see Nitrokey 3 FAQ - Nitrokey Documentation to double-check the nfc position and
Nitrokey 3 RSA4096 private keys are not recognized by gpg on windows - #5 by sosthene-nitrokey
for status of openkeychain/nfc support… which boils down to: nfc is fido2 only.
Don’t ask me, why Nitrokey don’t clarify such basic functionality questions in the shop/documentation, but let staff handle questions one by one as they arise.

Yes, I checked the position of NFC. I also use NFC with other devices, the position is clear. But the smartphone don’t recognize the Nitrokey.

Can I contact Nitrokey company direct to get help?

Hey @KuroPen

yes please do this, just write support (at) nitrokey (dot) com for further assistance. Please include your order number (SOxxxxxx)