Nitrokey 3C NFC with iPhone

Has anybody used the Nitrokey 3C NFC with an iPhone via NFC? Does NFC work reliably in this case?

Hi, what exactly do you have in mind? Is there a specific application?

Same problem here, i have an iphone 13 pro and my yubis are recognized my new nitro 3c nfc not. windows and web works fine.

Hi, I would like to use the Nitrokey to save the security keys of my Apple account, see But I prefer NFC. Therefore, I asked specifically for NFC experiences.

thats what i wanted too but currently my iphone 13 pro doesnt recognize the 3c nfc. my other token working fine on my iphone. i made a support ticket but currently no reply on that.


I think you have the same problem as me and others have.

Here is my post:

sry that is in German.

but briefly summarized. If you supply the stick with power (Powerbank) goes NFC super.
The problem is probably the NFC chip needs more power than comes over the NFC, so my experience 8 of 10 attempts do not go.

what? Why has it NFC if it’s not useable, that the only reason for NFC that no cable is required. Do we need to hope that a firmware update could resolve that or is it time to refund?

It works with my iPhone 12 but only with the Brave Browser and not Safari. Maybe you can try it with Brave?

that was either a fluke or you have a stick that can handle the low current better. I have had 3 NK3-A-NFC so far. with none of them the success rate was higher than 15%.

It also had no influence with which browser or app I use that.

I have a NK3C NFC running on the latest firmware. Same problem here with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. YubiKeys are working fine, but the NK does not work at all with NFC.

This is very disappointing. I, also, wanted to use my Nitrokey with my iPhone through NFC, and I get no response whatsoever with my iPhone 14 Pro.
Why isn’t there even a reaction from the developers?