Nitrokey ist nicht verbunden! / Nitrokey FIDO2 not detected in the Nitrokey App

Moin zusammen,

folgendes Problem:

ich habe den ersten Schwung des Nitrokey FIDO2 USB Sticks geordert.

Dieser steckt und leuchtet auch am meinem Rechner:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.535] 1909 (glaube ich)

Die Nitrokey App erkennt den USB Stick leider nicht.
“Nitrokey ist nicht verbunden!”

Der Updater erkennt den Stick leider genau so wenig.

Jemand eine Idee ?

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Hi @Kotti!

  1. Nitrokey FIDO2 should work out of the box in Windows environment.
  2. Nitrokey App (v1.4 and older) does not recognize this device yet. It is scheduled to add Nitrokey FIDO2 support in the next versions. In the meantime you can use Windows 10 or Chrome tools for setting/changing the PIN, or issuing a factory reset - native support is included there, hence another application to manage FIDO2 seems redundant. This is why we have not decided to work on this earlier.
  3. We do not have any updates for Nitrokey FIDO2 firmware yet. Once there will be one we will notify users through email. All released devices have v1.1 firmware.

I will make sure this will be mentioned on the start page. Sorry for the confusion.

cc @nitroalex

edit: connected: Nitrokey can´t connect to the App (new FIDO2)