Nitrokey Pro2 with Heads

I have a Thinkpad x230 which I have flashed with Heads. It works with the traditional TOTP but I cannot seem to find a way to get it to work with HOTP in order to use the Nitrokey Pro2 LED as part of the verification procedure. Can anyone please point me to how to do this?


I would expect this works out-of-the-box. I have no experience with that, sorry. I can point only to the client application, which is used with it - perhaps would make it easier to find the proper manual or forums:
Please make sure your Nitrokey Pro device’s firmware is v0.9+.
Heads project:

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I’m using firmware version 0.10 so all should be in order. Strange that it doesn’t work out of the box. I see the patch for the hotp verification tool in the compiled Heads directory. Cannot seem to get heads to allow the creation of an hotp secret. Annoying.

Did you build Heads yourself? You need to set the corresponding option in the menuconfig first, otherwise it is not build into Heads. The option is CONFIG_LIBREMKEY=y.

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Thanks Alex. Good timing. I’d just asked that question on the heads matrix room and worked it out this morning. Working really well. So just bought three more nitrokey’s to set up some colleagues. Arriving next week!

I was already working on this topic when you asked your question. This is the reason why I could help you with that easily :smile:

Regarding the other notes I can just tell you that @jan has seen it and will surely consider your suggestions.

Thanks for the Feedback!!!

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