Nitropad - set external as default boot volume

I am provisioning a new nitropad with nitrokey. How may I configure the default boot volume to be an external volume (e.g. USB drive)? I only see options to set default boot to the internal hard drive.

Hi @nitrocustomer!

Such option is not available at the moment, and it has to be selected each boot manually. Could you describe your use case, so we could understood better your need?

Some possible security use cases may include the following. I am sure there are other scenarios where it would be beneficial to the user.

Example #1: A live OS is used, booting from a read-only volume, so that no user data or artifacts can be permanently stored to disk.

Example # 2: The user wishes to boot from a USB drive that they can detach from the laptop and carry with them, when they are not using the laptop. While it may not always be convenient to take the laptop everywhere, a small USB drive could fit in a wallet or handbag. Keeping the drive on one’s person may allow for greater confidence that the drive has not been altered / hacked.