Nitropad x230 install failure of distributions like arch linux

Is there a supposed way to get linux distributions like arch installed on the Nitropad x230? Booting from the most recent install medium works until selecting the boot entry (of the medium), which leads almost immediately to a failure. Same behavior for some other distributions.

Steps to reproduce:

  • download latest arch linux iso
  • dd to usb
  • boot
  • select boot entry
  • see failure

Hey @Munkq,

could you please be a little more precise, which failure you observe?

Generally it should be possible to use different distributions as long as you ensure that your /boot partition is un-encrypted and separated from your root partition.

Aaaand of course if the initial (install) system boots :smiley:
For Arch anyways this isn’t a real issue, as the legacy install-method is either way mostly manual, thus you could simply take any live-system, boot it, mount your Arch ISO and install from there with just minimal adaptations.

But could you make an image of the error? maybe someone could hint you how to run it as intended.
(Likely there are just some minimal changes needed to make it run)


see the attached sceen. It doesn’t matter if I boot from install medium (= most recent arch iso) with efi or legacy. The error which is indicated by the error message is a false positive, since the files are existent. The failure happens before I’m able to install anything, it happens right after choosing to install/boot from usb (live-system).


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ahh, good issue, yes was also already looking into the code shortly… for you @Munkq this means you’ll have to wait until this is updated in upstream Heads and we provide an update, this could take some time.

otherwise I would suggest to boot from another boot iso (e.g. ubuntu) and install arch the “manual” way

ah damn, should have taken a look into the heads repos :smiley:

so I’ve to skip the lazy install way and use the alternative one :frowning:

Such as debian or devuan.

If Devuan works, I bet debian does too.

Though I prefer the first.