Nitropy on OSX won't detect Nitrokey 3A Mini

I am using nitropy version 0.4.40 and am trying to check the state of my Nitrokey 3A Mini and setup a few OTPs. Nitropy doesn’t see it though. I have a 3CNFC and it works just fine. Any idea whats up? If I use ioreg to check for usb devices the 3C shows up but the 3A does not. Probably related.

Anyone actually reading this? I also contacted your support and got Zero response. Whats up? Why should I ever buy a product from you again if you can’t provide the absolute basic support? Yubikey replies within a day!

As you have multiple keys to test with, and one key works fine, it looks indeed more like a hardware issue. What email address did you use to contact the nitrokey support?

Usually this is the correct approach!

The forum is a meetup for customers to help each other out and the support email should provide you with adequate replacement and should cover your support request in a timely manner.

@daringer could you please help sort this out, why the message slipped through?

hey @nitrosaid

yes, generally @nku is right, this forum is more of a community driven thing - thanks to ppl like @nku :smiley:

overall (technical support) answers within a day are hard to realize for us, but usually nothing gets lost, can you share the date when you wrote us, I can try to trigger the right persons to find out if it slipped through or if it’s stuck in the queue…