Quit user setup on Qubes OS for Nitropad T430


I was too fast and quit the user setup for qubes-os on the Nitropad T430. Now I can’t login obviously. Is there a chance to reset the OS and rerun the user setup?

Thanks in advance!

The essay way is just to reinstall Qubes you can use the official Qubes Image for that Download Qubes OS | Qubes OS

hey @nesti, thanks for your reply. I found this article, describing how to reset the root password on fedora, since qubes is based on it: How to reset a root password on Fedora - Fedora Magazine

Would that work? Sorry for asking, just want to make sure I wouldn’t waste time on some technique not supposed to work.

PS: Would a OEM reset work, or is the Nitropad not configured this way?

Otherwise, I will follow your recommendation :+1:

The Grub part in this will not work , since the nitropads using coreboot/heads. Also to mount the filesystem you would need to decrypt it (cryptsetup) and make it accessibly via lvm (probaly something like vgchange -a y) you could try to do this via the recovery shell in heads but this shell is really limited so I’m not sure if this will work. Otherway would be to start a live system like grml, if you know what you doing this is probably faster then a reinstall but if there is no data to loss the reinstall is in my opinion the better option.

Thanks @nesti. Fair enough. I will go with the reinstall. I presume that disk encryption etc won’t be a hassle and would probably be managed by Qubes OS?

Yes its quit straight forward

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see also this FAQ - Qubes 4.1 Upgrade | NitroPad 230

I will. Thanks :+1: