Recommendation for back-up disk

Dear fellow nerds :slight_smile:

does anyone have a recommendation regarding an external back-up disk for the NextBox? I could see how Nitrokey does not want to give any official recommendation, but maybe there are inofficial ones or some other users might have some? :slight_smile:

I know, “any externally powered disk” will do! But thought I’ll ask around for some disks that are already in use successfully! :slight_smile:

Wanted specs are:

  • USB-C connectivity (or at least USB-A 3)
  • 0.5-1TB space
  • preferably SSD (my NextBox has SSD as well)
  • externally powered (duh!)

Alternatively, I would be grateful for hints regarding manufacturers that have stuff like that on offer. I am lousy at researching these things, only find disks which break one of those specs (e.g. this one - it’s nice and has an external power supply, but 4 TB is way too much)… and I really should start backing up! :smiley:


p.s.: Could it be a problem if the external drive could draw power via USB-C (like the one linked above) when it has an external supply? Like could it still then draw power from the NextBox port which is something Nitroykey explicitly recommends to avoid?